Research Sponsorship Program


As in the COE Program, this Center aims to nurture young researchers who study issues related to nonwritten cultural materials.

As the global hub in the field, the Center provides financial aid to young researchers, inviting applications from within the university. The results of selected sponsored research projects will be carried in the center’s publications.

Application Guidelines for 2023

1.Application Guidelines

  1. Program Title
    Research Sponsorship Program
  2. Number of Positions Awarded
    5 positions
  3. Requirements
    Applicants shall hold research themes related to issues on nonwritten cultural materials, and shall be a master or doctoral student at the Graduate School in Kanagawa University.
  4. Research Expenses
    Expenses will be supplied up to the amount of 300,000 yen per person. Budgets cited in application documents will be evaluated by the Center.
    In addition, applications for the procurement of research funds shall be handed in within the period stipulated by the university.
  5. Research Period

2. Application documents

  1. The application form of Kanagawa University Research Sponsorship Program for Young Researchers
  2. One example of a principal achievement (Excerpts and copies allowed. Master’s thesis not accepted.)


Participants must write research paper and contribute papers for center's publications.

4. Selection

Selections will be made by screening application documents

Researchers and research themes

Researchers and research themes selected for FY2022
YU WEI A comparative case study on museum in Sino-Japanese : focusing on the "Mingu"
PIAO MEIZI The Transmission of Customary Law among the Yao-A Case Study of the Yao of Jinxiu,Guangxi.
CHATANI AYA A study of the historical transition and the room around the fireplace of Japanese of the villa of the former Maeda family in Kamakura.
IKEDA NAOYA About a royal visit of the Emperor Meiji and the relationship of the European-style building.
GUO MENGYAO The nationalism of overseas student’s : A perspective of covers and illustrations in the overseas student magazines in the late Qing Dynasty.
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2021
TAKEMOTO MAKOTO A study of modern morphological controversy and its architectural ideas : About the roof controversy in Germany in the 1920s
ZHANG GAOW Personal relationships between shamans and their clients in the Mongolian society.
WAGH HAICUI "Xinghao" from the Perspective of Pig Head Offerings -Focusing on Tangzhuang Village , Hebei Province , China-
ARIMA EMIKO Living in a heavy snow environment - Seasonal milestone of AKIYAMAGO
Kobayashi Chouta Case study of Spider Fighting in around Tokyo Bay
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2019
JIANG Mingchao The Acceptance of Ishigantou in Amami
LI Gan Research on Indigenous Seediq People in Taiwan -The Change of Their Culture
SHITOU Shinichi A Study of the Creation of Authority in Festivals
WANG Haicui Animal Sacrifice Seen Through Pig -Focusing on Taiwan-
WANG Li Basic Research on Production Tools of Jingdezhen Blue and White Porcelain
ZHANG Gaowa The Research Status of the Mongolia Shamanism in Inner Mongolia folk change
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2018
A YINGNA Mongolian Diet space:The Mongolian Herdsman in Haixi Prefecture Qinghai Province Centered
OTAHARA Jun Aspects of the Almanac Recognition by “Yamaate”
ONODERA Yuki Religious Customs and Regional Development of Memorial Services for the Victims of Shipwreck in Modern Japan
YINGTAO A Study on the Change of the Social Function of Lama Temple in Inner Mongolia
YU Mingqi Research on Traditional Navigation Technique in Hainan Province of China
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2017
OGURA Hiroki The Structure of Manual Wood Turning Lathe and Kijiya Wood Worker
ISHII Kazuho Study of Materialization in a Modern Iconography: the Case of a Graphic Magazine “Fuzoku Gahou”
KATO Saori On the Identity of Amami “Shima-chu” Who Moved to Brazil
JIANG Mingchao A Comparative Study of Ishigantou in China
HUA Xuemei Researches on Jofuku Festival in Japan
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2016
KOIZUMI Yurina The Transformation of Kakure-Kirishitan Faith Caused by Leaving Island of Nozaki Islanders
YU Shuting The Popularization of Taiwanese Almanacs:Since 1914 to 1980s
SEKIGUCHI Tomonari About Relationship of the Social Capital and a View in Japan
FUKUSHI Yoko A Study on Preservation and Utilization of the Historical Public Buildings in Modern and Contemporary Period
MA Lu Changes in the Status of Women in Rural Areas to see from the Awards on Women
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2015
KANG Myoungchae The Tendency of an Architectural Design from Analysis of the Design Competition on the Memorial Hall for Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923
NABETA Naoko Society and People's Live of Vietnam Through the Ong Tao in Vietnam:Mainly in the Northern Region of Vietnam
YU Shuting Taiwanese Almanacs
Gendunasier Study to the Relationship Between Cha Ma Etiquette and Ba Ling Etiquette in Tibetan Buddhism
CHEN Liang Generation of Fox Story and the Cult of Fox
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2014
KOIZUMI Yurina A Faith of "Kakure-Kirishitan" in Ikitsuki Island from the Perspective of Non Written Materials' Study
NABETA Naoko Religious Service of Ong Tao (tutelary deity of the kitchen furnace) in Fue Region : Mainly on Ong Tao Print in Sinh Village
JAKAL Youn The Site Use and Deconstruction of the Imperial Shrine (kokuheisha) of the Six Locations of 1945
WAN Xin Yan The Change of Homestead Allotment by Revolution Land System in Rural Village of North China
KOMATA Kazumasa A Study on the Change of Stairs of Japanese House in Prewar Days
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2013
YAO Qiong Folk Costoms Research about Modern Japan Susanoo Sacrificial Rites
KOIZUMI Yurina Study of the Oratio : a Case of Yamada District in Ikitsuki Island
TAN Jing A Study of the Yao Ceremonial Paintings
CHIKAISHI Satoshi Various Aspects of Folk Belief
ARAKAKI Yumeno A Study of Resource Use in the Community as Seen from the Social System and Personal Skills
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2012
BAI Lili Oboo Folkways in Otog Area : Regarding the Organization Characteristics of Oboo Ritual and the Connection Between Oboo and Buddhist Temple
YAO Qiong The Research about the Faith of Susanoo and it's Vicissitudes
SAKAI Mika The Study of Magical Show Culture in the World
GENDUN Asier The Performing Arts Research for Tibet Temple
TAN Jing A Study of the Yao Ceremonial Paintings
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2011
YU Yang Women Folkways in Fishing Village of China
FUJIKAWA Miyoko Life Style of Sea Nomads during the Social Upheaval in Modern China
CHIKAISHI Satoru Regionality Seen in Folk Belief in Jizo
SUZUKI Shinichi A Survey on Cognition of Space in Mainland China and Taiwan
ARAKAKI Yumeno The Character of Environment Utilization in Various Regions of Japan as Seen Through Octopus 'Hole-Catching'
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2010
NAITO Hisayoshi Studies on Discriminative Sence in Medieval Scrolls : Mainly Drawn Gestures
Lopez Jara Santiago Comparative Study on the Image of Activist in the Japanese and Spanish University Struggle
FUJIKAWA Miyoko Studies on Funeral of Water People in the Southern Fujian Province, China, and its Change
BAI Lili Past and Present of Erdeni -Obo and Ikhe -Qaidam - Obo : 1958 as a Segment
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2009
NARAN Bilige Religious Services of the Obo-Worship as a Part of Livestock Rituals of the Mongolian People
TAKAKURA Kenichi Studies on the Modern Ethnic Cultures of the Chinese Minority Groups Nakhi and Hui
LI Li Ishoku-Dōgen, (meaning food and medicine both serve to preserve health, and originate from the same source) and Its Role in Shandong Province
NAKAMACHI Yasuko The Role of Fortune-Telling Sweets Expected in Situations of Communal Eating : Case Studies on New Year Manners in Ishikawa and Nagasaki Prefectures
SUZUKI Hanae The Current Situation of Dōsojin (small roadside statues of shinto deities) in Eastern and Western Japan
Researchers and research themes selected for FY2008
SAKAI Mika Nozoki-Karakuri
MIMURA Nobutaka Analysis of Faith in the Land Deity in Houses in Western Japan
SASAKI Hiromi The Iconography of Ippen Hijirie