Article 1

In accordance with the regulations of the Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture (hereafter referred to as the Institute), Kanagawa University, the Research Center for Nonwritten Cultural Materials (hereafter referred to as the Center) is established under the auspices of the Institute.


Article 2

The Center conducts research activities, collects materials, and disseminates information on nonwritten cultural materials.


Article 3

The Center is staffed by the following personnel.

  1. Director
  2. Research staff
  3. Exclusive administrative staff
  4. Fellowship researchers and visiting fellows


Article 4
  1. The director is responsible for overseeing and representing the Center, and acts as the chairman of its researchers committee.
  2. The director must report on the project for the current fiscal year and its plans for the following fiscal year to the director of the Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture (hereafter referred to as the director of the institute), and gain the approval of the members meeting of the Institute.
  3. The director must be recommended by the Center’s researchers meeting from among the members of the Institute, be approved by the members meeting, and delegated by the president of the university.
  4. The post of Center director may be doubled with the post of the director of the Institute.
  5. The term of office for the director of the Center is 2 years, but he or she is eligible for reappointment.
  6. In the event that the director steps down, his replacement will serve out the remainder of the term.

Research Staff

Article 5
  1. Research staff of the Center shall be chosen from full-time professors or associate professors of Kanagawa University whose major field of study is closely related to the Center’s concerns. The candidate must be recommended by the researchers meeting, voted on by the members meeting of the Institute, and commissioned by the university president. The Center may also be staffed with exclusive researchers as necessary.
  2. The term for researchers is 3 years, and re-election is permitted. However, the same conditions do not apply to exclusive researchers of the Center.

Fellowship Researchers and Visiting Fellows of the Center

  1. The multiple position of fellowship researcher has been created to nurture researchers who may contribute to the promotion of the Center’s projects. Students, who have either completed their doctoral programs in one of the graduate schools of Kanagawa University or left school upon earning their full credits, shall be recommended by the chairman of the said graduate school and by academic supervisors. The appointment is then subject to the normal approval procedures cited above.
  2. The research term for the fellowship researchers is 2 years, and re-election is permitted.
  3. The position of visiting fellows of the Center has been established to gain the cooperation necessary for carrying out its projects. The candidate must be a professor, associate processor, or a full-time instructor from outside the university (includes foreign institutions), or be considered to possess equally relevant research experience. The selected candidate must be approved by the usual Center processes.
  4. The research term for the visiting fellows is 2 years, and re-election is allowed.
  5. The fellowship researcher and visiting fellows shall be provided with the same academic advantages as the Center’s researchers. However, the same shall not apply to any activities involved with budget implementation that is listed in a separate list of stipulations.
  6. To apply for the positions of fellowship researchers and visiting fellows, the applicant must submit relevant documents to the director of the Center.

Researchers Meetings

Article 7

The researchers meetings shall consist of the Center’s researchers, and shall be summoned by the director of the Center when needed to discuss the following issues.

  1. Research and study of nonwritten cultural materials.
  2. Management and operations.
  3. Budget.
  4. Personnel.
  5. Other important issues.

Revisions and Abolishment of Regulations

Article 8

The revision and abolishment of these regulations shall be proposed at the researchers meeting and be voted on by the members meeting of the Institute.

This guideline shall come into effect from April 1, 2008
The regulations of the Research Center for Nonwritten Cultural Materials,
Kanagawa University